About me


Photography is not my profession.

Photography is my love.


I photograph what I would like to keep, to look again, and what I want to share.


I do not take pictures. I'm interested in the real world in all its manifestations.

And if any of my photos even for a moment raises your mood, causes a smile or makes you think, I'll be happy!




With love, Larisa Gorskaya.


"Parable: One photographer took a few of his shots at the party, so that on occasion

show them to guests. The hostess, seeing the pictures, exclaimed:

"What delightful photos!" You, apparently, have a very expensive camera!

The photographer did not say anything to her, but, saying goodbye at the end of the evening, said:

"Thank you, the dinner was cooked splendidly!" You probably have very good pans! "